Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention

A key component of preventative care is keeping your pet parasite-free. At Fremont Animal Hospital, we develop programs for the specific needs of your pet based on their lifestyle and environment.

With all the moisture and lack of extreme weather, the Pacific Northwest is a great breeding ground for parasites, including fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms. These pests do more than make your pet miserable: fleas can transmit tapeworm and cause anemia. Ticks are well-known carriers of many harmful conditions, including Lyme disease.

Annual heartworm testing and regular heartworm prevention are also very important, because this potentially deadly parasite is on the rise in our region of the country. Mosquitos can transmit the deadly worms to pets through just one bite. Sadly, many animals don’t show symptoms until the disease is advanced, if at all. While there is treatment for canines, it is expensive and can be very hard on your pet. (There is no heartworm cure for cats.)

Year-round protection is the only guarantee your pet won’t suffer an uncomfortable, or even life-threatening, infestation. Just one missed dose of any heartworm preventative can result in heartworm disease. Be sure to ask our veterinarians which preventative they recommend during your next visit.

Have questions about parasite testing, prevention, or treatment? Just give us a call at 206-593-2442.