6 Ways To Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pet

We may be biased, but we think every holiday is better shared with a pet. The holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate your pet and your special bond, so our Fremont Animal Hospital team is suggesting fun, festive, and pet-approved ways to do exactly that. Keep reading for six ways to celebrate the holidays with your favorite furry friend. 

#1: Upgrade your pet’s wardrobe

If your pet is amenable to costumes, help them look their holiday best with a pet sweater or fleece-lined jacket. Your pet will not only look adorable, but also will feel cozy and warm on chilly winter days. If you’re feeling extra festive, get yourself a matching sweater, and take a holiday photo with your pet—nothing says “Happy Howl-i-days” like a pet-themed holiday card. Complete your pet’s look with booties to wear on their daily walks to protect their paws from ice, snow, and deicing salt on the sidewalk. However, don’t be surprised if your pet needs time to get used to wearing booties, and be ready to take a video, because they are going to look adorably awkward as they practice walking in their new “shoes.” 

#2: Hang an ornament for your pet

Your pet is a special family member, and should be celebrated with their own personalized pet ornament. Whether store-bought or homemade, hang the ornament on your tree in a special spot, ensuring you hang all ornaments and lights up high. Holiday decorations, especially round, glass ornaments are extremely tempting to pets and easily broken. If ingested, the ornament pieces can damage your pet’s mouth and lead to an intestine blockage—and a trip to the emergency veterinary hospital is not how you want to celebrate the holidays. 

#3: Take your pet to look at the lights

Taking in the lights is a great way to get yourself in the holiday spirit, and your pet will be more than happy to come along. If your pet enjoys car rides, load them up for a ride, and enjoy your town’s holiday lights. If the temperature isn’t too cold, bundle up yourself and your pet—in their new holiday jacket, of course—and enjoy a brisk stroll around your neighborhood, taking in the lights while spending quality time with your pet. 

#4: Give your pet a gift to unwrap

Pets don’t understand why, once a year, we drag inside a tree that we surround with colorful bags and boxes. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy unwrapping their own special gift—for them, half the fun is the excitement of finding what’s inside. Wrap a bag of your pet’s favorite treats, put the gift under the tree, and let your pet go to town, sniffing out their present and unwrapping their surprise. Of course, don’t place their present under the tree until it’s time to unwrap all the gifts, as they no doubt will not be able to wait, will open their present early, and likely devour an entire bag of treats, ending up with gastrointestinal issues—a gift that is not on anyone’s list! 

#5: Host a holiday party for your pet

Holiday parties aren’t only for people. Your pet’s party may look a little different than yours, but they will love the chance to socialize with their fellow furry friends. If your pet enjoys other pets’ company, invite a few friends to bring their pets to a holiday play-date. Provide your four-legged guests with festive treats, toys, and fun activities to give your pet and their friends a happy holiday treat. 

#6: Give back with your pet

One of the most meaningful ways to celebrate your pet is to help other pets who are still looking for their forever home. Not every pet is as lucky as yours, and by giving to other pets in need, you will appreciate your relationship with your own pet more. Research local animal shelters and rescue organizations, and choose one to support by volunteering to help at the center, or by making a donation in your pet’s name. You will feel good, knowing you are helping  animals in need. Also, many pet supply stores hold holiday pet food and toy drives. Take your pet to the store, let them choose a new toy, and then purchase a few extra toys and treats to donate.

Of course, the most important gift for your pet is the gift of good health. If your pet  is overdue for their annual wellness examination, parasite prevention check, or their vaccinations, call us and schedule a visit with our Fremont Animal Hospital team.

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